Wireless Controls & Automation


Programmable logic controller

Expandable up to 282 I/O
Expanded display 4 x 16
Support: Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP
Display up to 64 Messages
Retentive memory on power off
Password protection
Optional analog and PWM outputs
Real time clock (RTC) backup







Power Supply
Input Power Voltage Range
    12VDC Models: 10.4-14.4V,  24VDC Models: 20.4-28.8V
    110/240VAC: 85-265VAC

  Power Consumption
    12VDC: 12-point, 150mA,  20-point: 150mA
    24VDC: 12-point, 90mA,   20-point: 150mA
   100-240VAC: 90mA

Program cable ELRS232 or ELUSB2 is required
  Programming languages Logic/Function Block
  Program Memory 300 Lines or up to  512 Function Blocks
  Programming storage media Flash
  Execution Speed 10ms/cycle

Built-in HMI
Customizable screens 31 (H coils)
  LCD Display 4 lines x 16 characters
  Function Keys 8, 4 user-defined (Z inputs)

 Auxiliary Coils
Maximum Number 126 (63 M-coils, 63 N-coils)

Maximum Number 31 T-coils
  Timing ranges 0.01s9999min

Maximum Number 31 C-coils
  Highest count 999999

RTC (Real Time Clock)
Number available 31 R-coils
 Time span available week, year, month, day, hour, min
  Daylight Savings and Astronomical feature 
  Power off RTC retention 100 hours

Compare Instructions (Analog, Timer, or Counter Values)
Number available 31 G-coils
  Compare functions EQ, LT, GT, LE, GE, NE

 Math Instructions
Number available
 62 (31 AS Coils, 31 MD Coils) up to 124 additional

Data Multiplexer Instructions
Number available 15 (MX Coils)
 Resolution 2-bit, 4 data registers

Data Registers
Number available 240 (DR Coils, 16-bit)

Shift Instruction
Number available 1 8-bit (S Coil)

Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) 
instruction modulates the analog input value Ax
to a pulsed digital output signal.
The pulse width is proportional to the analog value Ax.

Analog Ramp Instructions
Number available 31 (AR Coils)


Discrete Inputs
Current consumption
   4mA @12VDC,   3.2mA @24VDC,   1.3mA @100-240VAC

  Input Signal OFF Threshold
   12VDC: < 2.5VDC; 24VDC: < 5VDC;  120/240VAC: < 40VAC
   Input Signal ON Threshold
   12VDC: > 7.5VDC; 24VDC: > 15VDC;   120/240VAC: > 79VAC

 DC Inputs:
   Transistor Type 3-wire PNP Sensor compatible
   High Speed Input frequency 1kHz 
   Standard Input frequency < 40 Hz

 AC Inputs
   Input On delay DC: 5ms; 240VAC: 50ms; 120VAC: 90ms
   Input Off Delay DC: 3ms; 240VAC: 50ms; 120VAC: 90ms

Required protection Inverse, voltage protection required

Analog Inputs
Resolution 10 bit. Acceptable Input Range
  Base module: Analog input: 0-10VDC voltage,
  12 or 24VDC when used as discrete input
 Expansion module: Analog input: 0-10VDC voltage or 0-20mA current
  Input Signal OFF Threshold < 5VDC (as 24VDC discrete input)
  Input Signal ON Threshold > 9.8VDC (as 24VDC discrete input)

Temperature Input (PT Expansion Module)
Sensor Type 2 or 3-wire PT100
  Temperature input range -100C - 600C
  Resolution 3.5C

Relay Outputs
Contact material Ag Alloy
  Current rating 10A  SPST, Normally open
  HP rating 1/3HP@120V 1/2HP @250V
  Maximum Load Resistive: 8A/point; Inductive: 4A/point
  Maximum operating time 15ms (normal condition)
   Life expectancy (rated load) 100k operations
   Minimum load 16.7mA

Transistor Outputs
  NPN or PNP. output frequency 0.5kHz (1ms on,1ms off)
   Standard max. output frequency 100Hz
   Voltage specification 10-28.8VDC, Current capacity 1A
   Maximum Load Resistive: 0.5A/point; Inductive: 0.3A/point
   Minimum Load 0.2mA
 PWM  Pulse width modulation output  5 and 6  
   PWM   NPN  or PNP   333Hz, Max  load: 300 mA

Analog Outputs (AO Expansion Module)
Analog output range 0V10V (load > 500 ohm), 0-20mA (load < 500 ohm)
   Resolution 10-bit, Full scale accuracy 2.5%

Communication Options
Wireless I/O Long range up to 30 Miles ( 50 Km)
Built-in RS485 Communication (Special Order ED2 units only)
Ethernert TPC interface
Modbus-RTU,  Master/Slave mode, 4800-115.2kb,
  supports Modbus function codes 1, 3, 5, 6, 16
  DataLink Link up to 20Vx-x units (1-master, 2-slaves) at 38.4kb
  Remote-I/O Link up to 8 Remote-I/O slave units to 1-master unit at 8.4kb

Enclosure Type IP20
 Maximum Vibration 1G according to IEC60068-2-6
 Operating Temperature Range -4 to 131F (-20 to 55C)
 Storage Temperature Range -40 to 158F (-40 to 70C)
 Maximum Humidity 90% (Relative, non-condensing)
 Vibration 0.075mm amplitude; 1.0g acceleration
 Weight 10-point: 230g; 8-point:190g; 20-point: 345g
 Agency Approvals CE,   UL and cUL

Dimensions in mm

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