Wireless Controls and Automation
 Remote: Pumps, Lighting, Process, Alarms, Monitoring

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Four Channel 154MHz

Compact Wireless Radio Controls 

Command Radio System   Request Price


Single Channel  TWO Portable  Transmitter & Base Receiver 

Range ( 5 km )  3 Miles
Operation:  120/240VAC or 12VDC
Transmitter Handheld Two Way multichannel VHF - UHF
Multiple Transmitters and Receivers
Relay Output 3PST, 20A Class 2 pilot duty
  Output mode:  Momentary or Latch

Heavy Duty NEMA4, IP65 UL Fiber enclosure
License free 150 - 160MHz Industrial ISM band
Factory configured systems, Ready to operate
No setup or programming required

  Relay Output

Package include:


TWO (2)  Handheld Transmitter,
   One (1)  4 Channel Base Receiver 
   One Omni Antenna with 12ft coaxial
   NEMA 4 Fiber enclosures & Instructions

360m (1200ft) line-of-sight w 6 inch antenna
Operation: 120/240VAC. 24VDC or 12VDC
Transmitter input N/O Dry contact
Relay Output SPDT, 6A Class 2 pilot duty
Heavy Duty NEMA4, IP65 enclosure
License free Industrial ISM or MURS band
Factory configured systems
No setup or programming required


 Operation   Transmitter Receiver
 Continuous: Close switch
Open switch
Relay ON
Relay OFF
. Part  943312  12VDC
Part  943324  24VDC
Part  943327  120/240VAC

Industrial Monitoring
Pump control, Monitor
instruments, sensors
Lighting,  Mobile system
PLC remote, Alarms
Factory process control
Generators. Remote alarms.
Solar, Wire replacement




      Warning: Radio control equipment in not to be used in life safety.    -  DISCLAIMER: Contact a licensed professional for your project.    

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